1kg Spool eSUN foaming PLA-LW Lightweight Filament 1.75mm diameter printing consumables Low Density Strong Paint Adhesion for 3D printed Airplanes

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Bring your ideas to life with eSUN's PLA-LW filament! This lightweight PLA filament is low-density and guarantees strong paint adhesion, giving you the freedom to create highly detailed 3D-printed airplanes with ease and precision. Unleash your imagination and let your 3D-printed creations take flight!


  • Lightweight & Low Density:
    ePLA-LW has applied active foaming technology, density is only 0.54g/cm3. The highest foaming volume ratio is 220%, and when printing the same volume model, 1 roll of ePLA-LW can be used as 2.2 rolls of ordinary PLA.

  • Clog-free & No Warping & Less-tangle:
    Full mechanical winding and strict manual examination ensure tangling free and avoid filament breaking and snapping. eSUN ePLA-LW filament is orderly wrapped, melt well, feed smoothly and constantly without clogging the nozzle or extruder. It does not overlap or tangle, no cracking. It has an excellent printing successful rate for large printing models and don't need a constant temperature chamber.

  • Good Interlayer Adhesion & Matte Printing Effect:
    Compared to wood PLA filament, ePLA-LW filament has more stable interlayer adhesion, and the foaming rate and strength can be controlled by adjusting the printing temperature between 210℃-270℃. Printing models is explosion resistant and easy to repair with delicate matte surface effect.

  • Foaming When Printing:
    For same model and printing speed, ePLA-LW enables the model aircraft to have a lighter wing load and a lower stall speed. It also has a strong adhesion of surface paint. So it is a perfect choice for printing model airplanes, drones, and COSPLAY props.


Model: eSUN ePLA-LW
Color: Natural
Outside Diameter: 1.75mm
Recommended Printing Temperature: 190-270℃
Unformed Printing Temperature: 190-210℃
Foaming Printing Temperature: 210-270℃
Maximum Foaming Rate(270℃): 122%
Lowest Extrusion Rate(270℃): 45%
Bed Temperature: 45-60℃/ No Heat
Printing Speed: 40-80mm/s
Item Weight: 1488g/4.3lbs

Printing Precautions

  1. Note that the first layer speed setting is consistent with the actual printing speed, set to 100% of the actual printing speed, turn off the first layer, small area printing speed reduction function, the first layer extrusion rate is consistent with the actual foaming extrusion rate, such as 270 degrees Set the first layer extrusion rate to 45%; if the bottom plate adhesion is too strong, you can set the bottom valve when printing;

  2. Pay attention to the maximum work temperature of the printer. Most Teflon tube printers cannot work for a long time above 250°C. Long-term printing above this temperature may cause clogging. If the temperature exceeds 250°C, metal throat are required for printing;

  3. Yellowing of printed models after high temperature foaming is a normal phenomenon, and lowering the printing temperature can alleviate it.

  4. Since the lightweight PLA foams continuously in the melting cavity of the high-temperature nozzle, the retraction basically does not work, so stringing is normal when nozzle crossing outline. It is recommended to print the vase mode airplane model to reduce the influence of the stringing on the model.

  5. Foaming ratio is related to temperature, printing speed, nozzle melting cavity size, Please set wall thickness, adjust extrusion rate/temperature/speed and other parameters by comparing different models according to your own printing situation.

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1 Roll * PLA Filament

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