1kg Spool PLA Luminous Filament 1.75mm diameter Glow in The Dark printing consumables compatible with Creality, Ender 3, Ender 5, Sidewinder, Artillery - Pink Orange

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Our Luminous Filament is the perfect accessory for making 3D creations that glow in the dark! Compatible with Creality, Ender 3, Ender 5, Sidewinder, and Artillery, this 1kg spool of 1.75mm diameter PLA filament gives you the freedom to explore your creative boundaries. Let your imagination shine!


  • Premium material & High accuracy
    Glow in the dark white filament made of premium PLA raw material, advanced CCD diameter measuring and self-adaptive control system in the manufacturing process, dimensional accuracy is 1.75mm+/- 0.02mm, easy to print without clogging. Spool is 1kg (2.2lbs).

  • Good Luminous Effect
    Exposed under the sunlight only 30 minutes will get better luminous effect, too long exposure time will damage the phosphoresent materials.

  • Toughness for High-quality Printing
    Premium PLA filaments have the advantages of incredible ease of printing optimized printing quality, high purity with low shrinkage and superb layer bonding, meeting your demands for printing projects of functional parts with higher toughness.

  • Compatible with 99% FDM 3D Printer
    Glow in the dark filament 1.75mm works perfectly on 99% FDM 3D printers, because most DIY printers use 1.75mm in size. Recommended printing temp/nozzle temperature: 190-225℃, base plate temperature: 60°C.

  • Less Tangle and Easy to Use
    Full mechanical winding and strict manual examination, to make sure the line tidy and less-tangle, so as to avoid possible snap and line breaking; Larger spool inner diameter design makes feeding smoother.


Color: White/Orange/Yellow/Green/Pink/Blue(optional)
Material: Polylactic Acid
Item Diameter: 1.75mm
Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Printing Temperature: 190-225℃
Spool Inner Diameter: 8cm / 3.1in
Spool Outer Diameter: 20cm / 7.9in
Spool Height: 6.5cm / 2.6in
Item Weight: 1kg/ 2.2lbs
Package Size: 21 * 21 * 7.5cm/ 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.0in
Package Weight: 1.32kg/ 2.9lbs

Packing List:

1 * PLA Filament Spool

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