Welcome to QtStock, The OpenSource Stock Analysis Software.
QtStock allows to analyse stock and companies in a similar way to NAIC methodology. It helps non professional and non experienced investors to make good and efficient investments decisions.

The basic principle recommended by NAIC allows non-professional investors to apply a consistent philosophy aimed at long term, proven investment objectives. Since 1951, these simple rules have led investors to consistently superior results. These principle are:

  1. Invest regularly, regardless of the market outlook.
  2. Reinvest all earnings.
  3. Invest in growth companies.
  4. Diversify to reduce risk.

The NAIC approach consists in selecting quality stocks sold at a reasonable price. In order to select the right stock, a methodology has been developed to allow non financial people to make the right decisions.

QtStock is an open source program under development. We hope to have a first release on both Linux and MS Windows soon. The source code is available via SVN.

To give you an idea about QtStock, please have a look at the screen shots.